Website development on a turn-key basis


Semanticwell web studio helps business to establish itself with dignity on the Internet. The acquaintance of the consumer with the company and its product begins with the website, therefore, the development, creation and website maintenance should be entrusted to professionals. Semanticwell works with modern technologies to ensure that our clients receive a high-quality result — website accessibility for the consumer, speed of pages and buttons, user-friendly interface, high conversion and seo potential.


The company’s website consists of program code, server side, client side, CMS, design, layout, content, domain and hosting. Semanticwell implements all these components on a turnkey basis, taking into account the marketing strategy, positioning and business needs.

Advantages of a high-quality turnkey website:

  1. stable work: the site is indexed in search engines, resistant to algorithms and bots (does not fall under sanctions and ban), it is difficult to hack, that is, business and customers are protected from information theft;
  2. performance: pages load quickly, including graphic components, the site is adapted for all devices for the admin and users;
  3. harmony: text and graphic content correspond to the positioning of the company, the consumer develops the right attitude to the brand, its products and services;
  4. intuitiveness: from the first seconds of being on the site, the user understands how everything works, the buttons are clickable, the information is easy to find, the simple performance of the targeted action, which leads to high conversion;
  5. simple promotion in search engines: unique seo and LSI copywriting ensures promotion without sacrificing readability;
  6. no problems with copyright: unique pictures, fonts and graphics ensure that there will be no complaints about the site and nothing threatens its stable operation.


Semanticwell web studio in London is focused on small and medium-sized businesses, so we work not only with the development of resources from scratch, but also with templates, constructors, adapting and uniqueizing them for a specific company. We help the client to choose the most suitable site format, taking into account the preferences of the target audience, competitor analysis, financial and time conditions.

Website development in Semanticwell:

  1. Corporate website. For large companies in the b2b and b2 segments, we propose to develop a corporate website that contains basic information about the activities, team, news and more. This type of web resource is intended for informational purposes, not for the sale of goods or services.
  2. Business card website. This type is preferable for small companies, entrepreneurs. It contains basic information and contacts, without a catalog and the ability to place an order.
  3. Online store. Development from scratch or using templates allows you to tell about the company, as well as create a marketplace for convenient online shopping.
  4. Landing page. Developing a capture page is preferable for one or more products / services that need to be sold. This web resource is tailored for advertising campaigns, shows the benefits of a purchase and encourages you to take the targeted action.
  5. Catalog site creation in London.

The complexity of the work, the timing and cost of website development depends on the client’s goals, individual wishes and technologies that the resource should support, for example, online chat, chat bot, shopping cart, and so on.


Our company is aimed at an integrated approach so that the client receives a product completely ready for work: design, texts, a loaded catalog of goods with descriptions, a blog for seo optimization. We work with technologies such as PHP, ASP.NET, Java, WordPress, MODX, UMI.CMS and others.

4 reasons to order a turnkey website:

  1. quick start: you do not need to separately search contractors for each type of work, control all stages to be harmoniously combined into a selling site;
  2. guarantee of the result: the work plan and the content of the site are consistent with the overall business development strategy so that you get the desired success;
  3. no control on your part: the client does not need to be introduced to the performance of tasks by our specialists, you can go about your business and be sure that the site will be ready on time;
  4. support upon completion of work: we do not leave customers without feedback, we help to deal with the admin panel and services so that you know how to use the product in the future.

A turnkey website development in Semanticwell is simple to order: leave a request on the website or in the messenger, fill out the brief service plan and we will contact you offering the best solution for your business.