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Apply for services to the London web studio «Semanticwell». In a short period of time, we will create a full-fledged website for your requirements, budget, mobile application for Android, IOS, provide a range of design, marketing services, help with legal support of the company, including inexpensively developing a business card website of the desired content and semantic design.

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Semanticwell is a young, but at the same time actively gaining momentum IT company, which managed to gather under its auspices talented and ambitious programmers, web developers, designers of London and, despite a short period of work, managed to win its niche, gain recognition among their clients.

If among the initial tasks of the company, a statement about itself on the Internet, a gradual increase in sales, brand awareness, an informative business card site, succinctly, concisely reflecting the essence of the organization’s activities, will help to perfectly cope with all the goals set.

The complex of the Semanticwell’s works on the creation of a personalized business card site includes the following series of stages:

  1. Preparatory, including:

           — consideration of the wishes of the customer;

           — selection of materials, data subject to subsequent placement;

           — analysis of the principles of operation of competing companies.

  1. Direct website development:

            — preparation of technical specifications;

            — development, coordination with the client of the project structure;

  1. Design creation:

            — a sketch-project of a business card site;

            — preparation of its layout, elaboration of style components.

  1. Programming
  2. Filling the resource with SEO-optimized content
  3. Internal and external testing
  4. Passing the project to the customer

In order to create a high-quality one-page website, the company’s specialists are actively immersed in the customer’s sphere of activity, identify his strengths, try to recommend the most advantageous design solutions. Only after the project has been fully honed, bringing it to perfection, the site is launched, its technical support also takes place.


Contact us, place an order! If you have any questions, ask our managers, they will help you to understand the variety of IT services of the company, announce approximate prices, and put forward a commercial offer.

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observance of commercial secrets;

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