Developing mobile applications on demand


Semanticwell web studio offers the development of mobile applications for Android and iOs, as well as support for the finished product and its promotion. We help our clients increase consumer engagement, increase sales and differentiate themselves from competitors with unique applications with intuitive interface and stable performance.


Semanticwell develops mobile applications for internal business needs and for solving marketing problems. The former allow you to optimize work within the company: setting and controlling tasks, time trackers, file sharing, internal communication and an analogue of social networks within the corporation. The benefits of this type of mobile applications are that they are fully tailored to the needs of a specific niche, increase brand strength and play a role in shaping the company’s reputation. The second type of applications for smartphones is designed for the end consumer, the client of the company, and allows to improve communication, simplify the search for goods / services and the purchase process. In Semanticwell, you can order the development of these types of turnkey mobile applications at an affordable price.


The peculiarity of the Semanticwell web studio is that we don’t impose unnecessary services in order to earn money. Before sending a commercial proposal to a client, we carefully study the brief, analyze competitors and conduct an audit of the company’s current situation in order to identify needs and the best ways to satisfy them.


We recommend developing an application for these types of businesses:


  • large corporations with over 1000 employees: when using a large number of paid software, it is logical to develop your own application that will fully meet the needs and reduce the cost of other people’s technologies;
  • travel companies: interactive maps, hotel search and viewing in real time, online booking of tickets, tours and other products;
  • auto business: ordering cars, parts, renting cars, booking time at the car wash, dealer networks;
  • leisure: poster, booking seats, tickets and tables, interactive maps, loyalty system;
  • fitness: an overview of the halls, booking a time, buying a subscription, an in-app messenger, a scale of achievements;
  • shops: showcase, purchase, order tracking, discount system;
  • medicine: choosing a doctor, making an appointment, online consultations;
  • public catering: table selection and booking, online menu, ordering, payment, loyalty system.

Mobile applications for the site are a bonus that allows you to confidently occupy a niche and compete with major business players.


Mobile applications for Android and iOs with a stylish design, intuitive interface and stable work bring a number of marketing advantages to the business:

  • connection with the user, higher percentage of open letters and push notifications compared to emails and even chat bots;
  • strengthening the positive experience of cooperation with the company: the client will not look for another brand if he already has an application, as this saves him time;
  • the loyalty system encourages repeat purchases;
  • detachment from competitors, since not every business in the region has mobile applications;
  • the ability to customize special offers for each consumer using the client’s personal data, geo-location, search history in the browser, and so on;
  • concentration of the target audience allows for effective marketing research, for example, about the need to expand the range or update the menu;
  • linking the site with a mobile application for better user experience.

All these «goodies» enable the business to reach a new level of service and get more approving ratings from the target audience.

The development of mobile applications in the London web studio is a business investment that pays off quickly. The cost of the work and the timing of its completion are discussed after filling out the brief.

You can order a service in Semanticwell through a contact phone number, instant messengers, an application on the website, as well as via e-mail. Don’t miss the opportunity to become one of those who are the first to introduce technologies into business and “skim the cream off”, contact us!