Internet marketer services Semanticwell:


  1. Market research. This service gives businesses an understanding of the state of the market, its dynamics, the ability to predict the ratio of supply and demand. At the stage of market research, a marketer proposes a strategy for the development of an enterprise that will give the greatest economic effect. Ignoring this point can lead to the fact that the business will choose an uncompetitive niche or product, investments in the promotion of which will not bring results.
  2. Determination of the target audience. To create truly selling sites and offers, promotions, you need to study in depth the consumer.
  3. At the same stage, they determine which marketing tools are preferable and which can be excluded. For example, for seasonal products it is inappropriate to invest in seo promotion, and for rare b2b services — in an smm strategy and its implementation.
  4. Choosing a business development strategy. This point affects the setting of goals and the speed of their achievement. In the promotion strategy, not only the main tasks are indicated, for example, the introduction of a new product to a new market, but also the levels of decision-making, methods of competition.
  5. Selection of online and offline promotion tools and drawing up a plan for their implementation. The client receives a list of marketing activities that are necessary for them, an approximate cost estimate and forecasts for the economic effect.
  6. Implementation of marketing activities: contextual and targeted advertising, promotions, work with the media, SERM and PR.
  7. Monitoring the results of all types of activities. The client receives a full audit evaluating the effectiveness of each event.

Each service can be provided separately, but as the practice of Semanticwell shows, an integrated approach gives the best result. For example, even the best ad setup will be ineffective if the business strategy is chosen incorrectly or the product does not match the chosen niche.


Semanticwell web studio offers an integrated approach because we want to be responsible for the result. It is important for us that clients receive the desired increase in the number of orders, reach a new level of pricing policy and scale the business.

4 reasons to order outsourced internet marketer services at Semanticwell:

  1. Experience in your niche. For more than 3 years of the company’s existence, we managed to work with b2b and b2c enterprises in various fields: online stores, offline stores, showrooms, brands, law firms, construction firms and others. We take on a project only when we are 100% sure that we will cope with the tasks set.
  2. Quick start. We don’t need time to build up, so immediately after receiving the brief and discussing the working conditions, we are ready to start the project. Semanticwell doesn’t put clients in line, we respect your time and desire to quickly start moving from point “A” to the point of the desired economic result “B”.
  3. Quality assurance. We assess risks and predict the result, control all stages of marketing support and keep records. Semanticwell Customers are not drained the budget when setting up advertising, the promotional and other methods of promotion.
  4. Affordable price for the services of an internet marketer. We offer a democratic price for a comprehensive promotions, there is loyalty to regular customers.

To start cooperation with the Semanticwell web studio in London, it is enough to fill out the form, write to us by e-mail, in instant messengers or leave a contact phone number. The manager will contact you to discuss the details and send a brief to fill out. We will carefully study the information, identify the needs and send a commercial proposal with a price list and terms based on your request.